The Raid

Brutal, Bloody, Brilliant actioner from Indonesia set for UK release in May

Posted 24th February 2012, 11:28am in The Raid, Trailers

The Raid has been picking up some insane buzz on the festival circuit, and having caught it last night, we can confirm that it is brutally excellent.

Centering on an apartment block in Indonesia inhabited by a malicious crime lord and several hundred of his flunkies, 20 elite cops are sent in to remove the boss. They soon become trapped inside, and must fight their way up fifteen floors of murderous villains. Happily, the team are absolutely nails, leading to some phenomenally visceral fight sequences.

The trailer gets the flavour of the action across, and cannot fail to get the blood pumping. Featuring a heavy dose of the extremely violent martial art of Silat, welsh director Gareth Edwards has created something which may not make for easy watching, but we are certain will become a huge hit when the film is released in the UK on May 18th this year. The US release comes next month, and following the recent legislature in Hollywood that any foreign action film must have the word "Requiem", "Redemption" or "Genesis" in its title, the film will be known as The Raid: Redemption stateside.