The Master: Full Trailer

Paul Thomas Anderson's follow up to There Will Be Blood looks superb.

The full trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master has gone online this morning, and it is absolutely stunning. The follow up to Anderson's masterful There Will Be Blood, we can not wait to see this film.

Controversial for the perceived parallels to Scientology, the film sees post-WW2 drifter Joaquin Phoenix drawn into the strange world of charismatic writer Phillip Seymour Hoffman. The tone of this trailer is very unsettling, yet compelling, as that haunting soundtrack hints at a dark undertone. The relative lack of information just whets the appetite more, with a real air of mystery to this one.

The acting on show here seems to be superb – Hoffman and Phoenix reads like a dream pairing, and you can get a hint of their sparkling work together here. This really has gotten us intrigued, but we may have to wait a while to see it – it’s not out in the US ‘til October, with no UK release date set as yet. We have a sneaking suspicion this will be doing the festival rounds soon though, so will be keeping an eye out for it.