The Hunger Games - New Trailer

Superbowl halftime spot released for the upcoming adaptation.

Posted 3rd February 2012, 9:02am in The Hunger Games, Trailers

With the superbowl kicking off this sunday night, Lionsgate have released another short trailer for their upcoming The Hunger Games - presumably to air during half time of the Giants/ Patriots throwdown.

We are still being spared too much in the way of action scenes in the trailers, instead focusing on the characters that Suzanne Collins' novel is based around. This is fine by us, being a pretty refreshing way of promoting the film - nobody wants to see the big money shots in the trailer, after all.

We get to see most of the main cast here, and get a real sense of what the games mean - one thing the book got just right was the mixture of dread and anticipation in the air on the first morning of the games, and that seems present and correct here. If the whole thing does seem a little over-dramatic, we are hoping that this could mean that Gary Ross' film has captured the dark edge of the books. We doubt we'll get to see too much blood and guts, but as long as this doesn't try to sanitise the events of the story, we are sure this will be a success.