Teaser of Teaser For The Avengers

Warning! MASSIVE spoiler alert

Posted 29th July 2011, 11:38am in The Avengers, Trailers

We really cannot stress enough how much of a spoiler this video is. Marvel have realeased the ENDING of Captain America, with a teaser of the teaser for The Avengers which served as a post-credits sequence. If you have any plans to see Captain America then DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. It is literally the last 30 seconds of the film, then a glimpse at the 2012 superhero ensemble piece.

We do get a glimpse of the main stars, with a shot of them at the Avenger HQ, and it has got our interest piqued. As discussed at the Screengeek offices this morning, if you take a collection of mostly average superhero films, and add Joss Whedon, there is sure to be an explosive end result.

To see this frankly insane marketing stunt from Marvel, then click below, but we say again - If you want to see Captain America in cinemas, Don't even think about clicking the video, as the full teaser is only available in theatres anyway.