Superbowl Spots: The Avengers, John Carter, Battleship

The Good, The Bad, and The Maybe showcase new TV spots during halftime.

Posted 6th February 2012, 4:12pm in Battleship, John Carter, The Avengers, Trailers

With the Giants coming from behind to win a thrilling superbowl last night, film fans' eyes were glued to the ad breaks at halftime. In amongst Madonna's confusing, slightly frightening routine, we took a look at the genre flicks that unveiled their new trailers.

The Avengers of course looks amazing, and this ad is clearly the best of the bunch. We get to see plenty of each of our heroes and a fair amount of action scenes, detailing the plot a little more. We won't explicitly state the (sort-of) spoiler we've spotted but eagle-eyed fans might notice something familiar about those bad guys falling from the sky. There's a lot we've already seen here to be honest, although that 360 degree shot of the team has us bouncing up and down with excitement for this one even more.

John Carter is turning into a bit of a dark horse. That Disney's sci-fi epic is being released within a couple of weeks of The Hunger Games seems a ballsy move, and the trailers have lurched from one extreme to the other in terms of quality. Our hopes were raised at the preview event we attended recently, and with Wall.E director Andrew Stanton taking the reins of what is clearly a big passion project for all involved, we do think this could be a pleasant surprise. As unlikely as it seems that a Disney feature of this scale and budget could be considered an "underdog", we are very much rooting for John Carter to be the exciting adventure the filmmakers are aiming for.

We hate to sound overly cynical, but everything we've seen about Battleship leads us to believe we are looking at one of the sure-fire misses of the year. Quite what Liam Neeson is doing putting his name to this project we're not sure- unless the Oscar nominated actor was desperate to work with distinguished thespian Rihanna we can't see the appeal here. If we were to pick out some positives, it would be the special effects, which are admittedly impressive. These are immediately cancelled out, however, by a succession of every piece of action movie dialogue in the book - "We've got someone inside", "Fire everything" and "We're going in!" all make appearances here. We fear this is destined to become a very bad joke indeed.