Saw 3D To Be Last Film

Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive out this October - here's the first teaser trailer.

Posted 23rd July 2010, 7:14pm in Saw, Trailers

The increasingly nasty Saw franchise is finally coming to an end with the seventh installment Saw 3D: The Traps Come Alive.

Producer Oren Koules confirmed to USA Today that "It's time to stop. We have told the story we wanted to tell, and this is going to be a great farewell."

With this new teaser trailer for the final movie, which claims "fear, suffering, death - you haven't seen anything yet" (what on earth could possibly be left?), fellow producer Mark Burg added: "It's more violent than any of them. But it's in 3-D, it answers all the questions, it comes full circle. We have the goods on this one." Super.

Saw VI director Kevin Greutert reluctantly returns after a nasty battle between Lionsgate and Paramount studios, in which he was contractually obliged to turn down Paranormal Activity 2 to helm another bloodbath. Maybe he'll take out all his anger on his cast, which includes regular Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor, Betsy Russell, Gina Holden and the return of Cary Elwes from the brilliant original.

Saw 3D hits cinemas on 29th October.