Piranha 3DD

Something fishy's going on at a hard-partying waterpark in gory sequel.

Posted 2nd March 2012, 10:11am in Trailers

Piranha 3DD may not have a UK release date yet, but we can still enjoy the trailer – a gratuitous effort before we even meet the titular fishies.

The setting this time is a waterpark, owned by David Koechner, which becomes host to a school of the prehistoric nippers just in time for a debauched party featuring a large group of scantily-clad folk. Introducing “the most famous lifeguard in the world”, David Hasselhoff, there is a great moment in the trailer when the Baywatch star gets philosophical during an attack.
As much as we loved the first film, we wonder if the joke might be wearing a little thin now, but we are confident that any film featuring Ving Rhames with guns for legs can’t be too far wide of the mark. There seems to be plenty of blood and guts to keep things ticking over, and the trailer seems to be keeping the films trump card, Gary Busey, close to its chest for now.