New Saw 3D Trailer

Lionsgate try and sell the final Saw film as if we've never seen 3D before.

Posted 10th September 2010, 3:59pm in Saw, Trailers

A new trailer for Saw 3D has been released, and it amusingly tries to sell the format as if audiences have never experienced 3D, despite every other film seemingly eye-popping nowadays.

As cynical you may want to be about the supposed final Saw movie, the seventh, it looks to be going out with a bang. The most exciting part is that the lovely Cary Elwes is set to return - we got to see a suitably excruciating moment at Movie-Con, where we discover what exactly happened to Dr Gordon after he crawled away at the end of the original film.

I'm going to stop bitching about torture porn and sit back and enjoy the ride for this one! Saw 3D is released on 29th October.