New Cyrus Trailer

John C. Reilly is at war with a psychotic Jonah Hill in this new comedy.

Posted 24th June 2010, 5:55pm in Catherine Keener, John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill, Cyrus, Trailers

The words Jonah Hill are normally enough to put me off anything, but this new trailer for Cyrus is winning me over.

He is perfectly cast as the slightly psychotic son of Marisa Tomei, who takes exception to mum's new boyfriend John C. Reilly. Catherine Keener co-stars as Reilly's still friendly ex-wife in this subtle comedy from festival darlings Jay and Mark Duplass.

Finally, a sophisticated and smart comedy about the hilarious realities of love and family, as Reilly and Cyrus face a battle of wits to win the heart of a woman they both love. Cyrus is released this September, so check out the trailer to see exactly how unconventional this relationship between mother and son is.