We finally get a full look at Karl Urban as the Judge.

Posted 30th June 2012, 10:35am in Karl Urban, Dredd, Trailers

The full trailer for Dredd has finally been released online, and we have to say we are pretty convinced by some aspects of this promo.

First thing's first - Karl Urban looks great as Dredd, with the gravelly voice, menacingly set jaw and frank delivery a far better fit than that notorious Sylvester Stallone effort. Olivia Thirlby seems to be giving it her all as Judge Anderson, and Lena Headey is a good fit for the crime lord Ma-Ma.

The plot concerns Ma-Ma's distribution of dangerous drug, slow-mo, and features Dredd and Anderson being trapped in a tower block run by the villain. This seems worryingly like it could be blown out of the water by the Raid, but there are enough sci-fi stylings here for us to give it the benefit of the doubt. A cool cast and authentic design work mean we look forward to seeing more of this incarnation of Dredd when it is released on September the 7th.