Berberian Sound Studio

Trailer released for another FrightFest film, this looks like an effective chiller.

Posted 11th July 2012, 9:07am in Toby Jones, Film4 FrightFest, Berberian Sound Studio, Trailers

One of the most eagerly anticipated films to show at FrightFest this August, Berberian Sound Studio has already taken the Edinburgh Film Festival by storm, and looks like an effective little chiller.

Toby Jones plays a sound engineer at the eponymous studio, creating sound effects for horror films. Things start to get a little creepy off set, though, as the chilling audio tracks he creates become more and more invasive.

Sound design is always an important part of horror, and this film looks to ramp up its use in both a narrative and a creative sense. We’re very much looking forward to this one, and will be catching it at our equivalent of Christmas, FrightFest the 13th. For our thoughts on the line-up, check out the latest edition of the GeekCast here.

Berberian Sound Studio is directed by Peter Strickland, and is set for a wider UK release on the 31st August.