Warners Options The Fourth Realm Trilogy

Awesome literary trilogy by John Twelve Hawks set to receive silver screen treatment.

Posted 26th March 2012, 5:31pm in The Traveller, News
Warners Options The Fourth Realm Trilogy

Exciting adaptation news on the horizon as Warner Bros have optioned the Fourth Realm trilogy by the elusive “John Twelve Hawks” – an alias for the reclusive author, who chooses to live “off the grid”, and whose agent claims to have never met.

I don’t mind admitting a personal interest in this one – the trilogy are some of my favourite books of all time, with the first entry particularly movie-worthy.

Set in a semi-dystopian (very) near future, the story charts the movements of a small resistance movement against the “Tabula”, a shadowy cabal of government types intent on monitoring and controlling the very lives of everyday citizens. Central to their plans is the elimination of “Travellers”, gifted individuals able to spiritually travel between dimensions. Protecting these modern-day prophets are the Harlequins, a highly trained order of warriors sworn to guard the Travellers with their very lives.

At the moment Deadline report that this has only been optioned, with no script, cast, or personnel attached, but you can be sure we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one. Watch out for a casting call article soon.