Violent First Clip From Dredd

See the judges on a drug raid, possibly veering into "excessive force".

Posted 13th July 2012, 8:32am in Karl Urban, Dredd, News
Violent First Clip From Dredd

Premiering over on the official site, the first clip of Dredd is available for your viewing pleasure this morning. It's extremely bloody, and doesn't pull any punches when dealing with the violent consequences of crossing the Judge.

We see a group of ne'er do wells holed up in a drug den, helping themselves to a quick hit of "slo-mo", the drug that is becoming more and more prevalent in Mega City One. It slows down the perception to around 1%, resulting in the slow-motion photography we see here. To director Pete Travis' credit, the scene isn't using slow-motion in that irritating post-Matrix fashion that many film do, but instead employs it to really achieve a visceral nastiness to the gunplay. Karl Urban certainly looks a good fit as the growly law-enforcer, and this clip firmly reinforces writer Alex Garland's speculation that this film will be rated 18.

Dredd premiered at Comic-con this week, and is getting positive reviews ahead of its September 7th UK release.