Tom Cruise On For Van Helsing Reboot?

Universal take another bold gamble on an original idea..oh wait.

Posted 2nd May 2012, 8:21am in Tom Cruise, Van Helsing, News
Tom Cruise On For Van Helsing Reboot?

Universal are looking into a reboot/remake of yet another property, with Van Helsing set to receive the treatment. Writing/production team Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are involved with the new take on the character, with the big news being the inclusion of megastar Tom Cruise in a producer/star capacity.

Van Helsing was brought to the big screen by Hugh Jackman in the pretty poor 2004 effort directed by Stephen Sommers, and with Universal attempting a “do-over” with pretty much every horror property at the moment, will look to return to screens in the future, with no release date suggested at this time.

It’s difficult to see Cruise filling the role of the vampire hunter as any kind of traditional portrayal, and we imagine that this will be a largely shirtless Van Helsing, with plenty of running. In all seriousness though, having Cruise on board is no bad thing, with the Mission Impossible star having no shortage of pull in terms of both industry power and box-office returns.

Original story via Deadline.