The Woman In Black Gets A Sequel

Susan Hill to work on second take on haunted house story.

Posted 3rd April 2012, 9:01am in Daniel Radcliffe, The Woman In Black, News
The Woman In Black Gets A Sequel

With the enormous success of The Woman in Black - Hammer’s latest chiller is the highest grossing British film of the last 20 years – a sequel is unsurprisingly in the works.

Original author Susan Hill is working with Jon Croker on the new script, and we are told that the new film will be set 40 years after the Daniel Radcliffe version. This would seem to rule out the chance of a return for the Harry Potter actor, who was surely the biggest draw for audiences.

Although we were very unimpressed with the rather by-the-numbers haunted house flick (full review here), we are willing to give the story of Eel Marsh house a second look. It’s certainly nothing new for Hammer to be churning out sequels, in their heyday the studio were responsible for hundreds of follow ups to their most successful films.

With Jane Goldman and (presumably) Radcliffe not returning, we wonder whether the atmosphere of the original will be enough to draw the same kind of numbers to The Woman in Black: Angels of Death, as it is known.