The Week In Geek: The Rock, Brave, Bleach

Warners plan on getting their teeth into beloved anime favourite as The Rock becomes Hercules.

Posted 24th February 2012, 3:06pm in News
The Week In Geek: The Rock, Brave, Bleach

Plenty to get our teeth into outside the already reported geekery this week, and where better to start than with the leader of Team Bring It, The Rock himself?

The Great One has signed on to play a role he seems born to fill, the legendary Greek hero, Hercules. Everybody’s favourite director Brett Ratner is helming the upcoming adaptation of Steve Moore’s comic book Hercules: The Thracian Wars, and with the People’s Champion signed on to star, we are expecting much boot to meet much ass. The plot sees the Thracian king call six of his warrior buddies to arms, including Hercules, and together they head off to slaughter the bad guys. Great stuff.

Another project starring the former WWE champion is Michael Bay’s passion project Pain and Gain, based on the true story of two Miami bodybuilders who turn to a life of crime. The cast is growing on this one, with Mark Wahlberg taking the other lead role, Ed Harris and Rob Corddry already involved. Variety reports that Anthony Mackie is the latest to sign on to the film, which is set to start shooting soon.

A new clip for Pixar's upcoming Brave has been released online, introducing us to several of the characters, and gives a sense of what to expect. Pixar will be keen to get back to winning ways after Cars 2 last year, and Brave does look a better bet than that misjudged sequel, although is does have a lot to contend with when Aardman's mighty Pirates! In an adventure with scientists is released next month.

Bleach fans prepare to be outraged - Warner Brothers have decided to have a crack at adapting the mega-popular anime, with Peter Segal attached to produce and maybe direct. Segal is best known for directing a string of Adam Sandler comedies, so we predict this news to send fans of the original series into meltdown. Don't shoot the messenger.... Wrath of the Titans scribe Dan Mazaeu is also attached to the project, but no more news is available at present.

Edgar Wright's newest project was announced by Deadline, who report that the Shaun of the Dead director will be teaming up with megastar Johnny Depp to create a new take on Richard Matheson's The Night Stalker. Previously a TV series in the 70's, it followed a Las Vegas detective who investigates a string of murders, finding supernatural links between them. Being a Disney production we would expect a PG-13 to be the target here, but hopefully Wright can find a way of getting around that.