The Sweeney Remake Has A Trailer

Winstone and Drew have fun in their iconic roles.

Posted 4th April 2012, 10:34am in The Sweeney, News
The Sweeney Remake Has A Trailer

The first trailer for The Sweeney has arrived, and it has left us feeling pretty unimpressed.

The classic TV series followed the exploits of Regan and Carter, two detectives in the Metropolitan Police’s Flying Squad (or “Sweeney Todd” in rhyming slang.) Perhaps best remembered for John Thaw’s iconic performance as the tough, no-nonsense maverick Regan, with his one-liners, womanising and rather forthright approach to dealing with suspects, the show also starred Dennis Waterman as his partner, Carter.

The remake casts Ray Winstone as Regan and Ben Drew (aka Plan B) as Carter. While the two leads look to be having fun with the larger-than-life characters, the whole thing does look like a more adult episode of The Bill, with nothing to make us want to see this new take on a great TV show. It is only a trailer, mind, and it looks as though Winstone and Drew may just about be able to salvage something from this.