The Rock In Line To Play Lobo.

Star confirms he could possibly play the DC character, but it is very much early days.

Posted 17th July 2012, 9:10am in Dwayne Johnson, Lobo, News
The Rock In Line To Play Lobo.

A comic book hero who has never been tackled by Hollywood, bad boy Lobo may just be heading to screens sometime in the future. There have long been mutterings of the project, with Guy Ritchie attached to direct from Don Payne’s script at one stage, but the latest rumours are attaching the captain of Team Bring It himself, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

For those not in the know, Lobo is a 7ft tall, cigar-munching bounty hunter. The last of the Czarnians (mainly because he killed the rest), the character was a controversial one for DC. With Johnson tweeting to a fan that “The rumours about me possibly playing Lobo are true. Joel Silver and Brad Peyton working on it now. That could be fun…” It would seem that the former WWE star is the frontrunner for the adaptation.

The early scripts for Lobo were set on Earth, with the titular anti-hero helping a young girl to defend her small town from marauding villains. Sounds like the sort of project Johnson was made for to us.