The Amazing SpiderMan: New Clip Online

Short clip shows Andrew Garfield as Pater Parker, rather than Spidey.

Posted 20th February 2012, 11:24am in Andrew Garfield, The Amazing Spider-Man, News
The Amazing SpiderMan: New Clip Online

Sony have gotten in on the current trend for promoting movies in a slow, tedious fashion by releasing a clip of The Amazing Spider Man online.

As much as the film looks like being a fun reboot, this rather dull clip doesn't really add much, just showing Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker attempting to get into Gwen Stacy's apartment building, but having trouble with the doorman. No web-slinging in sight, but the confusing thing about the selection of this specific clip is that this doesn't really display more of the character than we already know, so we are left pretty underwhelmed.

Not to sound grouchy, but we are getting a little fed up with being given a photo here, or a 30-second clip there of various movies. The Amazing Spiderman still looks like good fun though, with 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb working with a cool cast including Garfield and Emma Stone.