Teaser For The Host

Spooky teaser for new Stephanie Meyer adaptation.

Posted 23rd March 2012, 9:59am in Saoirse Ronan, Andrew Niccol, The Host, News
Teaser For The Host

A new trailer is online for Andrew Niccol's upcoming adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's The Host, and it has us rather more interested that we expected.

Set in a future where humanity has lost control of the Earth to parasitic alien souls, who inhabit their bodies and wipe their consciousness, the story follows Melanie (Saoirse Ronan), whose strong will causes her to be able to resist her unwelome visitor, known as "Wanderer". Joining up with the human resistance, a fight for individuality ensues.

As a premise, this doesn't sound too subtle or original (think Bodysnatchers), but with experienced sci fi director Nicholl at the helm, and an exceptionally strong lead in Ronan, we have some pretty high hopes for this one. It also helps that the trailer has a seriously eerie feel, containing no footage from the film itself but encapsulating the idea nicely. It's a bold approach to the promo, and one that won't sit well with everybody, but it's certainly gotten us interested.