Taylor Kitsch Interview Reveals No John Carter 2?

Did the star let slip the fate of a potential sequel to the Barsoom adventure?

Posted 9th April 2012, 10:18am in Battleship, News
Taylor Kitsch Interview Reveals No John Carter 2?

We’re not too keen on gossip-mongering normally, but when we recently interviewed Taylor Kitsch about the upcoming Battleship, we can’t help but wonder if the leading man may have let something slip.

When asked about his experiences of shooting two big CGI-based movies recently, Kitsch responded that he “won’t be doing another CGI film, unless it’s another Battleship.”

This has lead us to wonder, what of John Carter 2? The box office returns for Andrew Stanton’s large-scale, larger-budget original have been lukewarm at best, which is perhaps a little unfair on what is a solidly entertaining adventure pic. There have been obvious rumblings about the doubt this would cast onto any future sequels, but does this confirm it? Of course we should stress that this was towards the end of a long day of press, and so we can’t take this as fact, but we can’t imagine that a project of that size could simply slip the mind.

It will be a tremendous shame if John Carter 2 doesn’t go ahead, as we do think that the world of Barsoom had a lot more to offer, but we will have to sit tight and wait for more news on this one.

Here's the full interview