Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For Highlander

Buried star will take the lead in reboot of claymore-swinging flick.

Posted 27th June 2012, 10:53am in Ryan Reynolds, News
Ryan Reynolds Confirmed For Highlander

With reboot news high on the agenda today, we’re going to kick things off with the reports that Buried star Ryan Reynolds is confirmed to be starring as Connor Mcleod in Lionsgate’s upcoming Highlander reboot.

28 weeks later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is helming the new version, and is also set to write the script, Neal Moritz and Peter Davis will produce, with no word as to who else we can expect to pop up with dodgy accents as yet.

The film has no slated release date just yet, but with a star now locked in, we expect to see the casting crank up over the next few months.

Reynolds has got something of a patch history in recent years, with Buried marking a real high point, but Green Lantern and Wolverine were disappointments, although Safe House was a decent, if unsurprising, action flick.

Reynolds is certainly not a bad start to casting, so we would expect to see some fairly impressive names joining this one soon.