Robocop Latest - New Writer, and Russell Crowe?

Remake gears up for summer shoot with a very strange rumour appearing online.

Posted 2nd February 2012, 11:12am in Russell Crowe, Robocop, News
Robocop Latest - New Writer, and Russell Crowe?

The intriguing remake of Robocop is aiming to start shooting this summer, and although we’d usually slate this project to the ends of the earth, Brazilian director Jose Padhila is the man behind the excellent Elite Squad films, giving us strong hopes.

The script had writer Josh Zetumer attached last March, but THR reports that Padhila is calling in Gran Torino scribe Nick Schenk to the production. Presumably this will be for retouching purposes, with that shoot date in mind, rather than a total rewrite, and Padhila has clearly built up some creative trust with the writer, having worked together on another politically edged action film, Tri-Border.

Another strange piece of news comes from the Twittersphere, with Variety’s Jeff Sneider tweeting about the possible involvement of Russell Crowe in the project. We’re going to approach this one cautiously, as we have a hard time believing that the Gladiator star would be too interested in this project. Nevertheless, with Padhila previously name-checking Michael Fassbender when discussing potential leads, this remains a decent prospect.