Ridley Scott Wants Harrison Ford To Appear In Blade Runner 2

Director would like to have star of original film back in a smaller role.

Posted 28th May 2012, 9:01am in Harrison Ford, Ridley Scott, Blade Runner 2, News
Ridley Scott Wants Harrison Ford To Appear In Blade Runner 2

Details have been filling out on Sir Ridley Scott’s upcoming new Blade Runner film, with recent reports confirming that we can expect a sequel rather than a prequel, and that the lead role will be a female one.

The latest tidbit to emerge comes from an interview that the legendary director gave to The Independent, when he revealed; “I don't think it'll be Harry [starring]. But I've got to have him in it somewhere. That'd be amusing".

Whether or not Ford would be terribly interested in the sequel remains to be seen – the star has had a storied relationship to the earlier sci-fi classic to the say the least. Whilst we would like to see him pop up in some capacity, we would hope it’s not in too blunt a nod to the original, as it might well cause problems with the first film if too much exposition is layered on. That said, in Ridley we trust, and with Prometheus out THIS WEEK we look forward to getting our fix of new Scott sci-fi.

What do you think of the sequel? What and who would you like to see in it? Let us know in the comments below.