Real Reasons Behind GI Joe: Retaliation Delay Revealed

New light shed on Paramount's late decision.

Posted 30th May 2012, 8:51am in GI Joe 2, News
Real Reasons Behind GI Joe: Retaliation Delay Revealed

With the recent news that GI Joe: Retaliation has been pulled from its June release date and pushed back to March next year, we were a little suspicious as to whether wanting to do a tip-top 3D job really was the key motivation behind Paramount’s decision.

Much as we expected, there is more to the story, with the revelation that star of the original Channing Tatum was to be killed off early in the film. Tatum is having a good year of box office with The Vow and 21 Jump Street proving popular, and Paramount are keen to have the actor more involved. You know what that means folks – script changes and reshoots announced at the rather late juncture of FIVE WEEKS until release. Test scores for the film were already in the toilet (we caught some preview footage a couple of weeks ago at a press event, and it looked pretty poor to be frank), and so this does seem to be something of a panic move. It remains to be seen whether tacked-on scenes that weren't in the original script can save the film, but we've got along time to wait before we find out.

Deadline's source also reports that director John M Chu is “shellshocked” by the late delay, and it has to be said that this executive decision does massively undermine the filmmaker's authority over his already completed film.

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