Prometheus Writer Set To Reboot The Mummy

Reboot planned for often-adapted horror classic.

Posted 4th April 2012, 8:30pm in The Mummy, News
Prometheus Writer Set To Reboot The Mummy

The latest reboot project to drip off the production line is a bizarre one – Universal are planning a reboot of The Mummy, just 13 years after starting a whole new action franchise based around the classic monster tale.

Prometheus writer Jon Spaights has been tipped to take on the creature made iconic by Boris Karloff, and says he is looking to take the “dark, scary” story and give it an “epic scale”. Presumably this means he aims to sidestep the so-so action stylings of the Brendan Fraser version, and aims to head back to the story’s horror roots. We’ll try and reserve judgement on this one since it is a well-known tale with tonnes of previous adaptations already, so it’s not like this is a total travesty.

With the studios running out of things to remake, surely it’s only a matter of time before they move into movies last remade this millennium. Oh hang on, The Amazing Spider Man is out this year…

Kudos to Variety for the original story