Prometheus Latest From Director, Writer And Stars

Alien prequel gathers pace

Posted 29th June 2011, 11:04am in News
Prometheus Latest From Director, Writer And Stars

Director Ridley Scott, Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender have hinted at more details of hotly-aniticipated 3D sci-fi Prometheus, which is sort-of-but-not a prequel to Alien.

As covered by The Hollywood Reporter, their Q & A at CineEurope was on the cagey side, not letting much slip, but they were able to confirm that although Prometheus is not a direct prequel, it will occupy the same established universe. Inspired by the writings of Eric van Daniken, a leading proponent of the "ancient astronaut" school of thought, the film will go into the nature of the enigmatic "space jockey" which features in the original film.

The film's title is the name of a spaceship dispatched by a powerful corporation, a classic trope of the Alien universe. In ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods to bring it to mankind, a reference that scott confirmed is intentional. The mythical Prometheus also came to a grisly end, so we await to see just how far these parallels will run.

Further hints included the exciting notion that Fassbender may be playing the film's obligatory android character, and yet more speculation will be fuelled by screenwriter Damon Lindelof's mammoth two and half hour interview, which the good folks at slashfilm have helpfully watched and extracted details.

He spoke of his deep respect for 73 year old director Scott, and some refreshing views on the topic of prequels itself;

"Show me something else which I can’t guess the possible outcome of. There is no suspense in inevitability. So a true prequel should essentially proceed the events of the original film, but be about something entirely different, feature different characters , have an entirely different theme, although it takes place in that same world. That was my fundamental feeling about what this movie wanted to be."
As massive Alien fans (yes, even Resurrection!), it is encouraging to hear that the original storyline should be pretty much untouched, whilst giving Scott, Lindelof and co. licence to explore a rich, deep and varied universe. And Lindelof's assertion that the new film will be "exactly what I would want to see as a fanboy" has us clamouring desperately for more.

Prometheus is set for a summer 2012 release.