New Trailer for Alex Cross

James Patterson's hero detective played by Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox as serial killer.

Posted 26th June 2012, 9:14am in Matthew Fox, Tyler Perry, Alex Cross, News
New Trailer for Alex Cross

The first trailer for Alex Cross has landed, and looks like a rather bizarre take on the character first introduced in James Patterson's Along Came a Spider.

The casting looks odd, but effective enough - the urbane, but intense and driven gumshoe being portrayed here by slapstick comedian Tyler Perry. Perry is perhaps the last choice we would have picked for the role - we always saw Denzel Washington taking this on ourselves - but to be fair he does seem to be having a fair crack at the character. There isn't too much to go on in the trailer, but one thing we are taken aback by is the transformation of Matthew Fox. The Lost star couldn't be playing further from type, as a deranged psychopathic killer, and looks wiry and intimidating here - a far cry from the reluctant hero of Jack from Lost.

One thing we aren't sure about is the sheer amount of action here. Staring off as a gruesome detective tale rooted in real life, the explosions soon start to fly, and the sight of the psychologist/ detective flying through the air with a sawn-off shotgun is just plain bizarre.

Alex Cross is out in October, and is directed by Rob Cohen, of xXx and The Fast and the Furious fame.