New Spoiler-Free Prometheus Viral

Fox takes a break from showing us key plot points to get us even more interested in the film.

Posted 16th May 2012, 6:05pm in Noomi Rapace, Ridley Scott, Prometheus, News
New Spoiler-Free Prometheus Viral

You might have noticed we’ve gone dark on Prometheus in the last couple of weeks – as a slew of dull stills and spoiler-filled trailers flood the web, the decision has been made not to get involved with the increasingly ruinous promotional material, and to sit out and wait for the actual film.

As dedicated fans of the Alien universe, we honestly feel that Fox’s overly aggressive strategy has threatened to derail our enjoyment of what is our most anticipated film of the year, so it is with some relief that we’ve got another, more inventive piece of marketing to share – a further spoiler free viral, which introduces us to Noomi Rapace’s Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.

Following on from the stirring TED talk (here) and the creepy David video (here), this is another glimpse into the world of Prometheus, and feels far more like a primer for what is to come, which has us heartened in the wake of the awful recent trailers. Also, the clip contains a treat for Alien fans, who will spot something familiar about the technology used to make the call.

Please do forgive us the mini rant, and enjoy the video below! See you in the cinema on June 1st...