New Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer Online

Zombie-squelching sequel gets a new promo.

Posted 15th June 2012, 9:15am in Resident Evil, News
New Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer Online

The new trailer for Resident Evil: Retribution has premiered online, and promises more of the same from Paul WS Anderson’s zombie-mulching franchise.

It starts off interestingly enough, with a glimpse into Alice’s (Milla Jovovich) past, and introducing returning cast members including Michelle Rodriguez and Sienna Guillory. It appears to descend into CGI silliness, but there’s nothing here to suggest it will be any better or worse than the rest of the series to date. There are plenty of beasties to enjoy, including some zombified fellows who look more than a little reminiscent of (the game) Resident Evil 5’s antagonists. The movies do seem to have gotten away from the spirit of the early games in the series, taking on a distinctly un-Resi wire work aesthetic.

Fans of the previous films will be looking forward to the September 28th release, but it is a little difficult to imagine this trailer will win over many new converts.