New Prometheus Viral Ad Online

Meet David in new Weyland Corporation promotional video. This is superb.

Posted 17th April 2012, 6:02pm in Michael Fassbender, Prometheus, News
New Prometheus Viral Ad Online

With Ridley Scott's latest foray into epic science fiction, Prometheus, just weeks away, the viral marketing campaign has served up another excellent video.

This actually gets us a lot more excited than the endless stream of stills and ever-increasing amount of trailers, giving us an eerie look at the Weyland Corporation's newest product, David. There is so much to love about this video, with the stark, almost Apple-inspired visuals, the creepy and effective central performance from Michael Fassbender and the great hallmarks of the Alien series - the place of androids amongst humanity, and the theme of creation are always important parts of the mythology.

We're still not entirely recovered from the wave of fanboy excitement that hit us at last weeks footage reveal and Q&A, which you can see the reports of here, and here. Prometheus is out on the 1st of June, a date which really can't come soon enough.