New Marvel Short To Screen At Comic-Con

Item 47, 12 minute follow-up to The Avengers, also to be added to home release.

Posted 4th July 2012, 9:45am in The Avengers, News
New Marvel Short To Screen At Comic-Con

UPDATE: We now have a 9-second clip of the short (bottom of the page) - not much we know, but it gives you the idea.

With Marvel known for creating fun shorts to add to the home release of their recent films, word has reached us via Entertainment Weekly of the upcoming Item 47, to be attached to The Avengers on blu-ray and DVD.

In the tradition of the two previous shorts, The Consultant and A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer , the short will give a small expansion to the Avengers universe, as a hard-up couple in New York, played by Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford, find one of the Chitauri’s leftover weapons, and see an opportunity to escape their financial woes.

S.H.I.E.L.D agents Maximiliano Hernandez and Titus Welliver are soon on their tail in the 12 minute short, which will be a part of the Avengers home release (we’re saving our pocket money up for the September 17th release), but is also set to be screened at Comic-Con.

For more on Marvel’s plans for future short films, including the small possibility of using them to introduce new heroes, head over to