New Clip Of Ellen Page In Super

Rainn Wilson co-stars in James Gunn's superhero comedy, which has just been picked up for US distribution.

Posted 13th September 2010, 9:20pm in Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, News
New Clip Of Ellen Page In Super

A new clip of James Gunn's new film Super has popped up online.

Veering dangerously close to Kick-Ass territory, it stars Rainn Wilson as Frank, a man whose wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for Kevin Bacon's psychopathic drug dealer. With a hand-made suit and a wrench Frank transforms himself into The Crimson Bolt to save his wife from the mean streets. He has a sidekick in the form of Ellen Page's unhinged Boltie.

IFC have now picked the film up, and they claim it's "one of the most creative and subversive films of the year". It may not be entirely original, but at least it's Gunn's own story and not another comic adaptation.

Here's a clip of Ellen and Rainn in action - it's a bit bloody and sweary.