New Avengers Assemble Clip Online

Black Widow doesn't let being attached to the furniture stop her.

Posted 4th April 2012, 2:04pm in The Avengers, News
New Avengers Assemble Clip Online

With the Avengers, sorry, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, set for release in just under a month’s time, we’ve been treated to a new clip from the film today.

It’s not massively spoilerific or anything, but if you were planning on going into the film cold then it goes without saying that you shouldn’t watch the clip. Which leads us to question why you clicked on the article, but hey, welcome to the party, the more the merrier.

We get to see Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow kick some ass despite being tied to a chair, something which has led to several injuries in the ScreenGeek office this afternoon as we attempt ill-advised recreations. Thankfully the clip didn’t show off Iron Man’s flying skills, which would have gotten embarrassing.

Avengers Assemble (nee The Avengers) is released on the 26th April, and just to remind yourself of its likely awesomeness, check out the trailer below.