Michelle Rodriguez Returns For Machete Kills

Next installment of the Grindhouse fun features returning characters.

Posted 2nd May 2012, 8:51am in Robert Rodriguez, Machete, News
Michelle Rodriguez Returns For Machete Kills

OK Grindhouse fans, time for some casting news on the much anticipated (by us) Machete Kills, with the welcome return of Michelle Rodriguez as revolutionary leader Luz.

If you’re anything like us, then you’ve been excited for this ever since that Machete pre-credits title card generously promised us two sequels. In this second outing for the Mexican former Federale turned vigilante (The mighty Danny Trejo), Luz will be helping him hunt down Mendez the Madman, a cartel leader who we presume is less than benevolent. Also co-starring is Mel Gibson as Luther Voz, an arms dealer who plans to cash in on global destruction caused by his own nefarious doings.

Jessica Alba is also expected to return, and whilst we’re chuffed to bits to see so many of the returning cast getting on board, we’re also hoping that the script can work a few lines of “WHO WANTS TO EAT?” in for Gibson.

Original story: Variety