Magnificent Seven Remake Adds Costner, Damon and Freeman.

Impressive cast grows for MGM's remake.

Posted 11th June 2012, 9:03am in Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, News
Magnificent Seven Remake Adds Costner, Damon and Freeman.

With MGM turning the wheels of the remake machine to push out a new version of The Magnificent Seven, the project is already building up one hell of an impressive cast, with Tom Cruise already on board.

The Sun reports today that three other actors are circling roles in the new film, with Matt Damon, Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman all linked to the fledgling remake. Damon is set to take over the role of Vin, (Steve McQueen in the original) and Costner is on to play Britt (originally James Coburn). Freeman is not set to play a member of the seven, and is instead slated to take a villainous role.

OK, so the source may not be a traditional fountain of film news, but should this be true, we have suddenly got a lot of star power behind this one. The Magnificent Seven is one of those classics that we hate to be given the reboot treatment (although to be fair it was a remake itself, of Kurosawa's Seven Samurai), but we would imagine with the personnel involved so far, this could quite easily be one of those that takes the title of the original and builds something strong around it. Fingers crossed.