Josh Trank Confirmed For Fantastic Four

In other news, David Slade off Daredevil reboot.

Posted 12th July 2012, 9:33am in Josh Trank, News
Josh Trank Confirmed For Fantastic Four

A couple of genre news items for you on the Fox front this morning, with the studio finally confirming that Chronicle writer/director Josh Trank will be helming the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four, and director David Slade dropping out of the Daredevil project.

Trank’s involvement with Fantastic Four is no huge surprise, as this one has been in the offing for some time. Trank is hot property right now, with Chronicle a surprise sleeper hit, and is also said to be attached to Sony’s upcoming Venom stand-alone film.

The departure of Slade from Daredevil is said to be due to scheduling issues, with the rights to the character falling away from the studio if a film is not in production by this Autumn. Slade is locked in to the Hannibal TV series for NBC, and Deadline report that although the studio are happy with the script, it just wasn’t feasible in the time limit.