Joe Cornish To Adapt Rust

Writer/director will take on Roydon Lepp's graphic novel.

Posted 12th July 2012, 9:49am in Joe Cornish, News
Joe Cornish To Adapt Rust

We continue to watch Attack the Block writer/director Joe Cornish’s next moves with interest, and with the recent news that he is set to take on an adaptation of the cult novel Snow Crash, The Hollywood Reporter write that yet another project has been added to the filmmaker’s slate.

Graphic novel Rust, created by Roydon Lepp, is about a future Earth, devastated by war between robotic warriors. One farming family are scratching out a living, but come under threat when a mysterious, jetpack wearing boy arrives, pursued by a huge mech.

Aline Brosh McKenna, of The Devil wears Prada and We Bought a Zoo, had previously been brought in to write the script, and is still on board as a producer. It’s not clear yet whether Cornish will have a crack at the screenplay himself, but with his screenwriting form, we wouldn’t be surprised if he himself will polish it off, or whether he will find somebody else for the job.

There’s no word yet as to whether this will come before Snow Crash, but both sound like good prospects, so we will keep our ears close to the ground.