Jai Courtney Added To Die Hard 5

He will play Jack McClane, son of John in A Good Day To Die Hard.

Posted 23rd February 2012, 10:59am in Die Hard 5, News
Jai Courtney Added To Die Hard 5

With Die Hard 5 set to explode into cinemas next year, the cast has begun to fill out with the addition of Australian actor Jai Courtney, reports Deadline.

Courtney will be familiar to fans of Spartacus: Blood and Sand as Varro from that show, and is currently wrapping up a role in Tom Cruise’s upcoming One Shot. He is now set to play Jack McClane, estranged son of Bruce Willis’ John, although we presume their differences will at some point be patched up in a hail of car crashes and gunfights.

A Good Day to Die Hard, as the sequel is known, sees John McClane heading to Moscow to tackle some villainous types, and teaming up with son Jack on the way. We’re hoping that the latest addition to the franchise will see a return to winning ways after the relatively limp Die Hard 4.0. Fingers crossed for a heavy dose of punches, explosions and gratuitous use of the word “motherfucker”.

We’ll find out for sure when director John Moore’s (Max Payne) film is released on February 14th, 2013.