Independence Day Sequel Latest From Producer

Producer talks about follow up to Roland Emmerich's explosive blockbuster.

Posted 10th July 2012, 9:15am in Independence Day, News
Independence Day Sequel Latest From Producer

With Independence Day getting a 3D re-release next year, we are reminded of just how great Roland Emmerich’s alien invasion blockbuster was, and so we are very interested to hear what producer Dean Devlin has been saying about the proposed sequel.

There have long been rumblings of at least one follow-up to the 1996 original, with talk often turning to the possibility of shooting two back to back. Now, thanks to THR, we have some more from Devlin;

"We resisted doing the sequel for years because we still wanted to honour the first one. The first one gave us all careers and we really love that movie and loved the experience," Devlin said. "We didn’t want to make a movie because it was financially a good idea, we only wanted to do it when we had an idea and a concept that creatively felt like it honoured the first one – that it felt like an organic sequel as opposed to ‘Let’s just go make some more money.'"

"I feel like we got it. I think it took a long time, but I feel like we finally got something that really feels like, 'That’s worth seeing as a sequel to Independence Day.”

Devlin is making all the right noises here – we’re keenly awaiting further news on this one, and have a sneaking suspicion that the 3D re-release mentioned above will have a large bearing on proceedings.