Hunky Dory Wants Your Musical Memories

The new British film launches a Facebook application.

Posted 28th February 2012, 2:41pm in News
Hunky Dory Wants Your Musical Memories

A British feel-good "romp" is coming to UK cinemas on 2nd March. Set in the heady endless summer days of 1976 Swansea, Hunky Dory features a bright young cast performing classic rock’n’roll.

Minnie Driver made a welcome return to the big screen last year, with roles in Barney's Version and Conviction. She's the star of Marc Evans' film, playing a teacher named Viv who leaves London, and her thespian aspirations, to work as a drama teacher in the local high school of her south Wales home town. Determined to fire up her hormonal, apathetic teenage charges, she sets about staging a rock musical based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest for the school’s end of year show.

Battling the summer teenage distractions of love, lust and the local lido, Viv perseveres and rallies the group to express themselves through music and drama. The shy and sensitive Davy (Aneurin Barnard) shows talent and promise as male lead Ferdinand, but his crush on the beautiful, yet flighty Stella (Danielle Branch) who plays female lead Miranda, only adds to the behind-the-scenes drama. Spurned by Stella, Davy transfers his adoration to Viv, Stella discovers older boys, skinhead Kenny (Darren Evans) fights ridicule and self-doubt about being involved in the show at all and Evan (Tom Harries) is confused about his sexuality. Only the school’s jovial headmaster (Robert Pugh) seems to be genuinely enjoying his role as Prospero and when the school hall burns down, the entire show looks likely to fall apart.

Now there's a new Facebook application where you can “share the track that takes you back” to your Hunky Dory days – whether that was when Lady Gaga’s first single came out, or the first time you ever heard Space Oddity, with the chance to see a Sonos Wireless HIFI System.

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