Hunger Games News - Mockingjay Looks For New Director

Also, further casting morsels revealed for the franchise.

Posted 18th July 2012, 9:33am in Catching Fire, Hunger Games, Mockingjay, News
Hunger Games News - Mockingjay Looks For New Director

The Hunger Games franchise is set to continue next November with the release of Catching Fire, the second film in the series, but Lionsgate are already looking for a new director for the third story, Mockingjay.

The adaptation of the third book in the trilogy is set to be split into two parts, in a move that many are seeing as a fairly transparent profit-fed decision, given that the book is relatively slight. Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence will not be working on the project, however, as revealed by Collider.

Given the swift turnaround time that Lionsgate are planning, keeping the same director would mean that pre-production on Mockingjay would have to be postponed, as it is scheduled to begin around the time of post-production on Catching Fire. Of course, this is early days yet, so should Lawrence deliver an absolute stormer with the sequel it’s not out of the question that the third film could be moved slightly.

We’re not sure if this approach will be beneficial to the film, since it pretty much eliminates any chance of a creative continuity between the series, particularly with original Hunger Games director Gary Ross already off the franchise.

In other Hunger Games news - this time focusing on Catching Fire - Variety are reporting in a rather spoiler filled article that Sam Claflin is now the frontrunner for the role of Finnick Odair, which has been linked to a host of names already. The article also reveals that Tony Shalhoub is set to play inventor Beetee, and that Melissa Leo was in the frame to play Finnick’s mentor Mags for a time.