Hugh Laurie To Join Robocop Reboot?

House star could be the latest big name to join the strengthening remake.

Posted 13th June 2012, 9:32am in Hugh Laurie, Robocop, News
Hugh Laurie To Join Robocop Reboot?

With House done and dusted, the ever-popular Hugh Laurie is freed up to pursue other projects, and it appears that the next destination for the in-demand actor could be MGM’s upcoming Robocop reboot.

The Hollywood Reporter have it that the British star will be offered the role of the head of OCP, essentially the villain of the piece. Nothing is locked in yet, but it is reported that talks are ongoing between Laurie and director Jose Padhila.

As we all know, nothing screams “villain” like an English accent, so this seems like a good shout. Robocop is gaining a seriously heavyweight cast of late, with Joel Kinnaman and Abbie Cornish potentially being supported by the immense team of Samuel L Jackson, Gary Oldman and Laurie. Of course, a lot depends on deals being locked into place, but if all three of those names do get on board, we have got one hell of a roster on our hands.