Guillermo Del Toro’s Hulk Show Could Reach TV Next Year

Avengers character could have TV series pilot next cycle.

Posted 16th May 2012, 9:59am in Guillermo del Toro, News
Guillermo Del Toro’s Hulk Show Could Reach TV Next Year

With The Avengers raking in box office of Asgardian proportions, there can be little surprise when various further Marvel projects and properties come up in the news, and with Mark Ruffalo’s depiction of Dr. David Banner/ The Incredible Hulk proving immensely popular, the rush is on to capitalise on this goodwill.

Guillermo Del Toro has been involved with a project to bring the character back to TV screens for about 18 months now, and while the planned series was stuttering, the success of The Avengers has given fresh impetus to the idea.

With Battlestar Galactica creator David Eick also on board, ABC are thought to be considering including a pilot in their next cycle. The word from Deadline is that this will be an Origin story, and alongside the CGI will use puppetry and prosthetics. In the past, The Hulk has often been hampered by shoddy CGI work, so a return to the Bill Bixby days of character-led episodes with the Hulk appearing as a practical effect sounds like fun to us.

While we wait for more news, here’s one of our favourite ever Hulk outs from the classic show.

Source: Deadline