Great Poster And New Trailer For The Dinosaur Project

Striking one-sheet for new found footage film looks absolutely glorious.

Posted 12th July 2012, 2:34pm in The Dinosaur Project, News
Great Poster And New Trailer For The Dinosaur Project

Perhaps the most interesting thing we’ve seen about The Dinosair Project so far is this ace poster, courtesy of Empire.

We’ve embedded the trailer below, but to be honest that’s a bit of a disappointment after drinking in this gorgeous one-sheet.

The film follows a father and son exploration team, who team up with a TV crew to attempt to capture video evidence of living dinosaurs in the Congo. The set-up is good, and although found footage is getting creaky you can usually expect a decent ride. It’s a shame some very cheap looking CGI dinos pop up to ruin all the fun, as this looks like it could very well suffer from a “more is less” problem.

It’s a dangerous game to try and judge a film entirely on its trailer though, and The Dinosaur Project could well be another Blair Witch – we’ll find out for sure on the 10th August.