Gary Oldman Signs On To Robocop

Oscar nominated actor set to play scientist creator of Robocop.

Posted 24th May 2012, 10:26am in Gary Oldman, Robocop, News
Gary Oldman Signs On To Robocop

With Jose Padhila’s remake of Robocop for MGM beginning shooting in Toronto this August, the casting process has kicked up a gear with the addition of Academy Award-nominated Gary Oldman to the project.

Oldman is set to play the scientist who brings the bullet-ridden body of Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) back to life as a cyborg law-enforcer. Presumably this means the role will be somewhat more significant than in the original, which will at least provide a stroke of originality.

It does seem a little strange to be remaking Paul Verhoeven’s film at this time, as the origin story of Robocop is pretty well known. This could just have easily been another straight sequel, but with “reboots” very much a la mode in Hollywood these days we just have to see what they can come up with.

To be fair, this does have some promise, with Oldman getting on board a production which already boasts Elite Squad helmer Padhila, the calibre of names attached does give us some cause for optimism, but we will have to wait and see for sure when the film is released next summer.