Cosmopolis Teaser Trailer Online

Robert Pattinson stars in a typically bonkers Cronenberg project.

Posted 23rd March 2012, 9:44am in Robert Pattinson, Cosmopolis, News
Cosmopolis Teaser Trailer Online

Now that Twilight is over and done with, Robert Pattinson has begun the process of branching out from sparkly vampire roles, and pops up in the teaser for David Cronenberg's latest film, Cosmopolis.

It's absolutely bananas, as you would expect from the Canadian director, featuring Pattinson as a young billionaire, who is haunted by paranoid delusions which may or may not be completely in his mind. The 30 second trailer shows plenty of Cronenberg hallmarks - body horror, bizarre sexuality and weird, fleshy creatures. He spends the majority of the time stuck in his limo, which is gridlocked in extreme manhattan traffic.

We're intrigued by this, and wonder how Pattison fans feel about this rather extreme change of direction, post-Twilight? There's no sign of a release date just yet, but we are very interested to see the final film, which also stars Paul Giamatti, Jay Baruchel, Sarah Gaydon and Samantha Morton.