Catching Fire Casting Round-Up

Hunger Games sequel could add Jena Malone, Kevin Nash is on board.

Posted 26th June 2012, 10:29am in Jena Malone, Catching Fire, The Hunger Games, News
Catching Fire Casting Round-Up

With the second entry in Lionsgate’s mega-franchise, The Hunger Games – Catching Fire – beginning to get its cast in order, it’s nevertheless been tricky to pin down any concrete news so far.

There was widespread speculation surrounding the role of Finnick Odair, with the trio of Garrett Hedlund, Armie Hammer and Taylor Kitsch reportedly beign lined up for the role. These reports were to be taken with a pinch of salt, however, but more solid news was that Phillip Seymour Hoffman has been offered the role of Plutarch Heavensbee – although no word has been given on whether he will take it.

With the role of Johanna Mason up for grabs in the sequel, Mia Wasikowska has been ruled out through scheduling, with the role now reportedly down to either Jena Malone (Sucker Punch) or newcomer Zoe Aggeliki. This is just a shortlist at this stage, but the casting process is certainly well underway.

One face we will certainly be seeing is former wrestler Kevin Nash, fresh out of Magic Mike, whose role has not been specified, but has been quoted by USA Today as saying "I just pray it's recurring, that he doesn't get killed".

So firm details are still thin on the ground, but we can expect things to firm up imminently as Catching Fire does exactly that.