Brian Taylor Locked In For Twisted Metal

Gaming favourite set to come to big screen with Crank 2 co-director at the helm.

Posted 15th February 2012, 1:05pm in News
Brian Taylor Locked In For Twisted Metal

With Crank 2 directing duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s latest collaboration, Ghost Rider 2, hitting cinemas this Friday, the partnership is temporarily splitting to allow Taylor to work on the upcoming adaptation of videogame Twisted Metal, reports Deadline.

Twisted Metal is a series of vehicular combat games, popular for years and with a digital reboot of their own upcoming. The aim of the game is simple – guide your muscled-out vehicle to explosive victory over other combatants in an arena. The game is notable for its cast of bizarre characters, including Sweet Tooth the clown, the happy chappy at the top of this article. The rather insane world the characters inhabit would allow for even the most tenuous of plots to give the filmmakers plenty of opportunity for mayhem.

Sounds pretty much ideal for the frenetic, violent style of filmmaking Taylor and his buddy usually employ, but given their, to say the least, Marmite filmography to date, we’ll wait and see what happens before getting too excited.