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  1. Christina Aguilera In Burlesque

    Christina Aguilera In Burlesque

    The singer makes her acting debut under the mentorship of Cher in this musical drama.

    Posted 5th August 2010, 2:07pm

  2. Dog Pound

    Dog Pound

    The visceral juvenile prison drama features stunning performances from its young cast.

    Posted 4th August 2010, 8:05pm

  3. Ben Affleck’s The Town

    Ben Affleck’s The Town

    The actor stars alongside Jeremy Renner and Rebecca Hall in his crime thriller.

    Posted 4th August 2010, 5:09pm

  4. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Teaser

    Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark Teaser

    Guillermo del Toro presents this horror remake, starring Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce.

    Posted 3rd August 2010, 6:11pm

  5. David Schwimmer’s Trust

    David Schwimmer’s Trust

    The former Friends star increases his director's CV with this new thriller starring Clive Owen and Catherine Keener.

    Posted 3rd August 2010, 12:56pm

  6. The Last Exorcism

    The Last Exorcism

    A new trailer shows the Eli Roth-produced old-fashioned horror in all its glory.

    Posted 2nd August 2010, 8:00pm

  7. 30 Days Of Night: Dark Days

    30 Days Of Night: Dark Days

    The first R-rated trailer for the DTV sequel to David Slade's vampire horror.

    Posted 29th July 2010, 1:12pm

  8. Sucker Punch

    Sucker Punch

    Zach Snyder's latest fantasy is Chicago meets Shutter Island.

    Posted 27th July 2010, 2:29pm

  9. Full Let Me In Trailer

    Full Let Me In Trailer

    A proper look at Cloverfield director Matt Reeves' remake of Let The Right One In.

    Posted 26th July 2010, 7:40pm

  10. UK Monsters Trailer

    UK Monsters Trailer

    It's being dubbed as this year's District 9 - we'll see if Gareth Edwards' low-budget film lives up to such promise.

    Posted 26th July 2010, 7:02pm